Healthcare Starts with Self Care

Whether we wish to be engaged in meaningful relationships, set and achieve personal goals, thrive in our careers or contribute to society in some way, our health and wellbeing is core to how we go about this, and it starts with looking after ourselves...


Wellbeing at Work

“We live in a fast paced, digital world. Looking after our mind and body in this current climate is not only important it is imperative.”
– Dr Reena Kotecha

Mindful Medics

A programme designed, developed and delivered with the health and wellbeing of the healthcare professional at its core…

Individual Sessions

Personalised sessions tailored to you…work 1-1 with
Dr Reena Kotecha

About Me

"Follow your passion, open yourself up to possibility, let go of the outcome, be the best you can be and do the best you can do and then sit back in the seat of your soul and let it happen”
Dr Reena Kotecha

OUR Pillars

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