Most of us work in fast paced and pressured environments. We are often bombarded with a constant stream of inputs such as email notifications, phone calls, meetings and deadlines, all of which come with a sense of urgency while trying to focus on a task at hand. Stress has become a cultural norm and many of us now find ourselves functioning in a state of persistent ‘busyness’. It doesn’t have to be this way…



Keynotes to educate and inspire staff to prioritise their personal wellbeing and improve professional performance. Topics tailored to your organisational needs. Past topics include: Mindfulness and Resilience, Optimising Mental and Emotional Wellbeing at Work, Bring your Whole Self to Work, Lifestyle based Secrets to Health & Happiness etc.


Half or full day workshops exploring the science and practice of various topics including, mindfulness, compassion and emotional intelligence for personal and professional success. Staff will experience and takeaway key tools & techniques for improved stress management, wellbeing, resilience along with productivity, performance and engagement in the workplace.


A 12 hour mindfulness and compassion based emotional intelligence group training course with follow up refresher session(s) and additional one-one coaching. The course is split into weekly live sessions with additional access to resources on an interactive online learning platform. Your staff will undergo an immersive and sustainable learning experience.

*Topics tailored to your needs
** Training can be delivered in person or virtually

Invite Dr Reena Kotecha to deliver evidence-based workplace wellbeing training in your organisation

“The leaders who get the most out of their people are the leaders who care most about their people.”

-Simon Sinek

Client Feedback

I’d like to share a very warm recommendation to work with Dr. Reena.
In my current position at Google, I’ve organised numerous mental health seminars for hundreds of employees around the world. 

I first heard Dr. Reena speak at a mental health event I was organising for Google EMEA in 2019, where she talked about lifestyle-based measures for improved performance, workplace engagement and personal well-being. The success of the session inspired me to invite her back for a dedicated workshop with our Global App Specialism Team around mindfulness & resilience.

For both instances, I was looking for scientifically-backed, precise and engaging content that would convince a challenging audience. I can say without a doubt that Dr. Reena absolutely nailed it and left the teams asking for more! She delivered complex messages in a highly compelling way and added plenty of activities to make it engaging and memorable. Also, her actual presentation deck was so polished, I’ve rarely seen anything like it. 

Her facilitation style is positive and uplifting, and I know me and my teams are now much better equipped to recognize stress, deal with it and to understand the science behind it all. With this said, I can definitely recommend considering Dr. Reena and I will surely invite her to Google again. 


Christopher Klug 
Business Partnerships Manager 
Mobile App Development 
Google, Dublin