“There’s an inherent irony or paradox that here is a sector that’s charged with promoting the health and wellbeing of the population but is damaging the health and wellbeing of staff in the process,”

-Michael West (Head of Thought Leadership, The King’s Fund)

Healthcare professionals are well accustomed to giving care often at the expense of their own health and personal life. We work long and odd hours often under unrelenting pressure. It can be difficult to strike a work life balance in this current climate.

Dr Reena believes that ‘Healthcare Starts With Self Care’.

Having experienced the positive mental and physical effects of mindfulness meditation and positive psychology practice first hand she developed ‘Mindful Medics’, a programme designed to improve the health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals.

Benefits of the Mindful Medics Programme

I am grateful to Reena and the NHS for affording me the opportunity to attend this course, it has been informative and enjoyable. The topics discussed have motivated me to think differently about personal and professional challenges. I have practiced the tasks shown to me and can honestly say they have helped lift my mood and change my outlook, making me start to enjoy life again… this is a new way of thinking and I would urge all health professionals to give it a try… If this course is available to other colleagues, I feel it would have a huge benefit on their health and wellbeing, and potentially reduce sickness levels. This would then impact positively on the NHS as a whole
(NHS Staff member, Mindful Medics Programme Participant)


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