Healthcare Starts with Self Care

Whether we wish to be engaged in meaningful relationships, set and achieve personal goals, thrive in our careers or contribute to society in some way, our health and wellbeing is core to how we go about this, and it starts with looking after ourselves…

Dr. Reena Kotecha’s trainings

Dr. Reena Kotecha’s trainings encourage individual and organisational development through the training of:

Stress Reduction

Personal Wellbeing

Mental Agility

Growth Mindset

Perspective Taking

Emotional Resilience

Connection & Collaboration

Conflict Management & Trust Development

Leadership & Influence


Training for the Healthcare Sector

Mindfulness & Compassion based Emotional Intelligence Training Programme for Healthcare Professionals designed to improve personal wellbeing and optimise professional effectiveness.

Staff wellbeing and engagement is key to meeting the demands and challenges faced within healthcare settings in current times. Traditionally healthcare training has been focused on ‘patient centered care’, while this is of utmost importance, it is incomplete. For healthcare environments to be sustainable and consistent in quality of care and service, there must be a shift towards staff and patient centered care.


Training for Non-Healthcare Sectors

“We live in a fast paced, digital world. Looking after our mind and body in this current climate is not only important it is imperative.”
– Dr Reena Kotecha

Employee health and wellbeing is the very foundation of a company’s overall success, growth and longevity. Dr Kotecha trains staff to embed resilience skills into their day to day lives. Practices are adapted from the areas of mindfulness, compassion and emotional intelligence training to allow staff to more effectively navigate their stressors, manage their teams and workload as well as collaborate and connect with others.

“Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.”​

– Angela Ahrendts (former Senior VP of Retail at Apple Inc. & former CEO of Burberry)